Improvements at the Isle of Man Hospice are advised by a UK watchdog

picture of the Hospice sign

Following an independent inspection, concerns have been raised about staff training and reduced respite services at the Isle of Man's Hospice.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) discovered problems with cleaning procedures, storage of medications, and knowledge of sepsis.

The facility's staff, however, was generally deemed to be "effective" and "compassionate" by the UK health watchdog.

There were 11 recommendations in total, some of which had "already been addressed," according to a hospice spokeswoman.

A "strong culture of working together" was acknowledged during the week-long CQC review, which was requested by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSO).

Thoughts that the service might not always be secure were voiced.

Due to the lack of separating cleaning equipment for use in different areas, the inspection discovered a risk of cross contamination.

This included using one mop per floor, meaning it was being used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas.

Other issues of concern included the inability to monitor the temperature in the medicine rooms and the difficulty in getting to the resuscitation supplies.

The introduction of staff training on how to assist patients with mental health needs, learning disabilities, and autism was suggested.

Despite the fact that the UK watchdog lacks enforcement authority on the island, a Hospice spokeswoman confirmed that a training program utilizing nurses with learning disabilities would be implemented in 2023.

Chief Executive Officer of Hospice Isle of Man, John Knight, welcomed the report's conclusions and stated that the organization would work to implement the suggestions throughout 2023.

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