In a brand-new, immersive facility, Suffolk student nurses are trained

Rihanna Pond ist 27, Rachel Adam ist 39, Indie Tegano ist 30 und Niamh Wyard ist 20

To aid in preparing future nurses for life on the wards, a new building has recently opened.

A birthing suite is one of the clinical settings offered by the $13 million University of Suffolk building, which is located on the waterfront campus in Ipswich.

According to the university, the environment, beds, technology, and sounds all reflect what students will experience working in the NHS.

One of the students called the experience "invaluable.".

A radiography suite, two wards, and physiotherapy rooms are also located in the Health and Wellbeing building.

Pro vice chancellor at the University of Suffolk, Dr. Paul Driscoll-Evans, claimed that the "state of the art" setting would give students "a real resilience" for when they "go into clinical practice.".

Birthing suite at new building
The new structure has a replica of a birthing suite.

According to the university, the students are using the same technology as hospitals.

The immersive environment was "invaluable," according to 39-year-old Rachel Adams, a second-year adult nursing student.

The wards are obviously busy places, and this sort of simulates that, so it's about as lifelike as you can get without being on an actual ward, she said.

"We have to figure out a way to deal with the background noise. ".

Rachel Adams, a student nurse with one of the AI dolls on the new immersive teaching ward.
The new website was "as true to life as you can get," according to Rachel Adams.

The critical care wards in the simulation wards, according to Niamh Wyard, 20, a second-year nursing student, were "very similar" to those she has completed placements on.

Nurses have use of equipment such as ECG machines, resuscitation trolleys, oxygen and suction machines inside the mock wards.

In the health and social care systems, there is a "significant need," according to Dr. Driscoll-Evans, and the new building will help fill that need.

NHS England reports that as of December 31, there were more than 43,000 open positions nationwide due to the registered nurse vacancy rate, which was 10 point 2 percent.

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