Inspectors give the maternity services at Milton Keynes Hospital high marks

Milton Keynes University Hospital as seen from above

Inspectors have given a hospital's maternity unit high marks, stating that the care of women is "at the heart of its service.".

Following inspections, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) gave Milton Keynes Hospital's maternity services a "good" rating.

Safety on the unit was rated as "good," and leadership was rated as "outstanding".

The CQC stated, "We discovered a trust culture where staff were focused on the needs of women and people receiving care.".

As part of the national maternity inspection program of the CQC, inspectors paid the facility a visit in March.

The upgrades come a year after a report discovered that the unit's staffing levels contributed to drug errors.

Milton Keynes University Hospital's rankings remained unaltered, remaining "good" overall.

Pregnant woman sitting and holding her bump
Maternity care at Milton Keynes Hospital was rated as "good," with the leadership of the department being praised as "outstanding.".

According to Carolyn Jenkinson, deputy director of secondary and specialized healthcare at CQC, "outstanding leadership [put] people's care at the center of the service.".

She continued, "We saw a workforce that had the right training and key skills to keep people safe, and worked well together for the benefit of women, people using the service, and their babies. Leaders had the skills and abilities to run the service.". " .

The CQC reported that infection risks were also under good control and that staff members felt "respected, supported, and valued.".

However, a new incident reporting system needed the trust to be used more effectively. According to the CQC, all employees were dedicated to learning new skills and delivering better services.

We will keep an eye on the service, including through upcoming inspections, to make sure women are still receiving high-quality care, Ms. Jenkinson added. " .

The maternity team "works incredibly hard to provide safe, individualized care for women and families across Milton Keynes with care and dedication," according to Joe Harrison, chief executive of Milton Keynes University Hospital.

"We are aware that there is still work to be done and have incorporated the CQC's recommendations into plans for maternity services quality improvement.

. "

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