Launch of a support program for gambling addiction in the East Midlands

Man using a smartphone to wager on a sporting event

For those who are struggling with gambling addiction, a mental health service has been established.

A group of NHS employees, including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers, run the East Midlands Gambling Harms Service, a free, dedicated service.

Virtual treatment programs and group workshops are used to provide support.

People can get help on their own or through a referral from their general practitioner.   .

The treatment is tailored to each patient, according to Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which operates the service.

A variety of methods are available, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, which concentrate on the emotional and relational issues that may cause and sustain problem gambling.

Chris Kershaw, 46, of Kegworth, Leicestershire, developed a taste for fruit machine gambling when he was 13 years old.

In his adult years, he transitioned to engaging in significant wagering on sporting events like football and horse racing via betting shops and online.

Chris Kershaw
A support group assisted Mr. Kershaw in making a complete turnaround in his life.

"For me, constant compulsive gambling in February 2006 resulted in a breakdown and attempt at suicide.

I lost everything, including a lot of relationships and money, which had a significant negative impact on my mental health, he claimed.

With the aid of a support group, Mr. Kershaw, who has abstained from gambling for the past 17 years, claimed to have changed his life.

He claimed that the new service would "assist people in leading better, more satisfying lives."

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