Midwives from South Africa are recruited by city hospitals

Queen's Healthcare Nottingham

In an effort to enhance the maternity services offered by Nottingham's hospitals, 18 midwives from South Africa have been hired.

Having trouble filling the positions, according to Nottingham University Hospitals Trust (NUH).

The Care Quality Commission gave its maternity services an "inadequate" rating, and an independent review headed by Donna Ockenden is currently underway.

Work with the midwives will begin in May.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the topic was raised at a health scrutiny committee meeting of the Nottinghamshire County Council on Tuesday.

Anthony May, who became the NUH's new chief executive in September 2022, informed the committee that Ms. Ockenden is met with by the trust on a quarterly basis and that there is a "strong and senior commitment" to address any deficiencies.

Michelle Welsh, a Labour councilor, stated that the Ockenden review was taking a close look at her time as a new mother at NUH.

She said, "What happened has completely destroyed lives.".

"It changed me; I am only a shadow of the person I once was as a result of what transpired and the fact that I work with these families and witness it on a daily basis. ".

The case of Wynter Andrews, in which NUH was fined £800,000 last month for failing to provide the infant and her mother Sarah Andrews with safe care, was also brought up by Ms. Welsh.

This crisis began years ago, she said, so it didn't just happen overnight.

"Your very own midwives wrote to the board. Some of them remain today, and that letter was essentially disregarded.

"You expressed regret to families, which they appreciated, but we don't want an apology; we want action. ".

There is now a "strong sense of accountability among board members," according to Mr. May, who acknowledged that the trust "failed the staff as well as the Andrews family and baby Wynter."

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