Mission of the couple for the "invaluable" stillbirth team at Royal Stoke

Rich Swinscoe and Laura Swinscoe

In honor of the child she lost at 29 weeks of pregnancy, a woman is advocating for the hospital's stillborn unit.

After their son Cub passed away, Laura Swinscoe and her husband Rich received care at the Forget Me Not suite at the Royal Stoke Hospital.

Mrs. Swinscoe, a 33-year-old physiotherapist, claimed that despite working at the hospital for 12 years, she had never heard of the suite.

The couple called the assistance they received "invaluable.".

It's not something you'll necessarily ever get past. However, it is something that you can unquestionably overcome, according to Mrs. Swinscoe.

To support the suite, which is housed in the maternity unit, the couple is engaging in a number of fundraising challenges.

Framed hand and foot prints
Staff members on the suite assist with planning memorial items and services.

This will involve Mr. Swinscoe riding a bicycle from John O'Groats to Land's End.

"It would be very simple to feel completely helpless," Mr. Swinscoe said.

"However, the birth and the connection to your partner were really, really special. And it's amazing how carefully and compassionately they go about doing that. ".

Staff members on the ward explained their duties to the BBC as assisting couples going through stillbirth by providing emotional support and assistance in making decisions regarding memorial gifts and service arrangements.

Taking care of those families makes you feel as though you're making a difference, according to bereavement midwife Caroline Birchall.

It's a really fulfilling job if you can help them through their worst moment just a little bit.

. "

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