Nurse 'in shock' after receiving career award

the Jesus College's Dr. Ben Bowers

As part of the National Health Service's 75th anniversary celebrations, a clinical academic community nurse from Cambridgeshire received recognition.

One of the top 75 nurses and midwives who have significantly improved the NHS is Dr. Ben Bowers from Melbourn, according to Nursing Times, external.

He dropped out of school at age 16 without any credentials, but a chance trip to the ER motivated him to pursue nursing.

I can't even begin to comprehend being called one of the leading lights in my field, he said.

"I am thrilled about this award, but I'm still a little taken aback. ".

Dr. Bowers is an expert in palliative and end-of-life care and is based at the University of Cambridge Department of Public Health and Primary Care.

He works at Jesus College as a postdoctoral associate and Wellcome Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

He works at the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust as a clinical academic and conducts research on how to enhance patient outcomes.

Dr Ben Bowers at Jesus College

Dr. Bowers said, "It's wonderful to hear that my work is having that impact.

He works with associates from numerous healthcare industries as an interdisciplinary nurse researcher.

Dr. Bowers' research focuses on anticipatory prescribing, which occurs when patients who are nearing the end of their lives at home are given "just in case" medicine boxes containing painkillers and other medications.

Dr. Bowers supports this practice, but his research indicates that there is a need for improved communication with patients and their loved ones.

"This is an important intervention. Simply put, there are times when we need to better explain it and implement it, he said.

"Community services have approached me and told me, 'It's really important what you're doing. We're wondering because of you. clinical presumptions and assisting us in enhancing end-of-life care.

"It's wonderful to learn that my work is making a difference. ".

Dr. Bowers hopes that his successes will motivate others to pursue careers in research.

"There is a desire for at least one in every 100 nurses to be clinical academics, but in practice, that number is likely to be less than one in a thousand.

"So if this award accomplishes anything, I hope it will inspire nurses to think about a career in clinical academia. It's a great field that can allow you to significantly advance patient care.

. "

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