Nurse strikes in England come to an end due to low voter turnout

Pat Cullen

The union's ballot of its English members failed to produce a mandate, ending the nurses' strike action at the Royal College of Nursing.

Despite the fact that a majority of members chose to keep up the strike, the vote did not count due to a lack of participation.

Just over 43% of the vote was cast, which is under the necessary 50% threshold.

After the RCN's previous six-month mandate for strike action expired, its members cast ballots.

A small group of health workers, including some of its members, rejected the government's pay offer of a lump sum payment of at least £1,655 and a 5 percent pay increase this year.

The largest NHS union, Unison, as well as the organizations that represent physiotherapists and midwives all supported the agreement, which has now begun to be paid.

The only organization authorized to take strike action is Unite in England, and even then, only for local strikes involving a small number of ambulance staff and support personnel.

Voting among its members is still ongoing at the Royal College of Radiographers.

Since doctors have a different contract than BMA members, this pay agreement and dispute are distinct from that involving BMA members.

Next month, junior doctors are scheduled to participate in a five-day strike, and the results of the strike ballot for consultants were finalized on Tuesday. There will soon be a related announcement.

Eight days of strikes have been participated in by RCN members since the beginning of December.

They have gotten involved with about half of the front-line services.

In Wales, where a different deal was rejected, the RCN is still on strike. Additionally, the union is requesting a fresh six-month mandate to keep up the walkouts.

RCN members earlier this year accepted a proposal from ministers in Scotland.

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