Over the sex education law, a Welsh Tory left the UK government

Robin Millar'dır

A Welsh Conservative MP resigned from his position as a ministerial assistant so he could vote against new rules governing sex education in Northern Ireland.

All post-primary schools in Northern Ireland will be required by the regulations to teach students about how to get an abortion and how to avoid getting pregnant at an early age.

According to Robin Millar, the subject is a "conscience matter" for him.

He was one of the 20 Conservative MPs who abstained on the matter on Wednesday.

By a vote of 373 to 28, the regulations were approved. Also opposed to the rules were seven DUP lawmakers.

The Aberconwy MP served as both the Welsh Secretary David TC Davies' and the Scotland Office's Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS).

He left before casting a no vote for the government.

Regarding RSE in schools, including in Wales, Mr. Millar said he shared their concerns.

He declared: "I could not, in good conscience, represent parents while also disobeying the recommendation of the House of Lords Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee that more time be given for parents in Northern Ireland to be consulted prior to the passage of this Statutory Instrument. ".

Chris Heaton-Harris, the secretary of state for Northern Ireland, stated on Tuesday that he had to lay the regulations because he was legally required to follow the suggestions made in a United Nations report.

Northern Ireland's schools have decided how to teach sex education.

Relationship and sex education in Northern Ireland, however, should be mandatory and comprehensive, according to a report by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

This week, Mr. Heaton-Harris stated: "The regulations will follow the strategy used in England with regard to outreach regarding early pregnancy prevention and access to abortion. ".

"I have always preferred that the Department of Education in Northern Ireland update the curriculum as a devolved matter.

"However, despite the fact that the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Act 2019 was passed nearly four years ago, adolescents in Northern Ireland are still not receiving an extensive and accurate scientific education about their rights and responsibilities regarding sexual and reproductive health.

. "

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