Patients' concerns about closure are sparked by the flooded Leicester GP office

On June 22, the East Leicester Medical Practice on Uppingham Road in Leicester experienced flooding

Patients enrolled at a Leicester general practice that was forced to close due to flooding have expressed concern that the facility might have to close permanently.

The East Leicester Medical Practice closed its doors on June 22 due to extensive damage.

Due to ongoing repairs, the party to commemorate the NHS's 75th anniversary was held outside in the parking lot.

Patients present at the event expressed concern about the site's future.

The practice has about 13,000 patients registered, some of whom were evacuated with staff when the flooding started, and the 50 staff members who are typically stationed at the location have been redeployed throughout the city.

East Leicester Medical Practice
Due to the flooding, the surgery held its celebratory event outside.

Ever since Edna Branker immigrated to the UK more than 20 years ago, she has been a patient at the clinic.

The 65-year-old said, "I'm concerned about wheelchair access at a new practice.".

Sandra Sorrentino
Sandra Sorrentino, who takes care of her husband, expresses "worry" regarding the procedure.

The 64-year-old Sandra Sorrentino cares for her husband, who has dementia.

She said, "I don't want to be out of the house, so I'm worried about where I'm going to have to go to see a doctor.".

"I can't leave my husband because he has dementia. ".

The practice's employee Surinderpal Sahota claimed that staff members had to attempt to adjust to "very, very difficult" circumstances.

Our doctors are dispersed among four or five different locations, so we have to wait and see if our neighboring practices have a room here or there because we never know where the doctors or nurses will be on any given day.

"We genuinely care about our patients because we serve a population that is highly deprived, some of our patients face language barriers, and they are in need.

. "

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