Patients on the Isle of Man with chronic pain are urged to exchange stories

the Manx Care sign

Manx Care has urged those on the Isle of Man who experience chronic pain to share their stories as part of a consultation.

The healthcare provider on the island is looking for feedback to help create new services for people with the condition and enhance their quality of life.

It is "important that we have first-hand views from those affected," pharmaceutical adviser Maria Bell said. .

The online consultation is open until March 6. .

Manx Care stated in a statement included with the survey that "there is a great deal of evidence to show that each person experiences pain differently and it is crucial to understand how it affects their lives.".

The statement also stated that plans were being made to offer alternative pain therapies and services as well as to educate the public and healthcare professionals about the "limited usefulness of some medications in this area.". .

Lower back pain, arthritis, and pain brought on by a nerve injury are three common forms of chronic pain that can range in severity from mild to severe, according to a Manx Care spokeswoman.

She continued that this might have an effect on a person's social life, cause problems at work, and lessen their capacity to care for children. .

Commentaries on the current services and support provided as well as suggestions for future services and support were solicited during the consultation. .

Anyone with personal experience of chronic pain was urged by Ms. Bell to "please make your voice heard through this consultation."

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