Pay in the public sector: The government suggests a 30.5 percent pay increase for teachers and nurses

On a hospital ward, medical personnel

The government has suggested giving millions of public sector employees pay raises that are below inflation.

A 3 point 5 percent pay increase will be made available to judges, police officers, teachers, nurses, doctors, and dentists in England and Wales.

Independent Pay Review Bodies will now take the recommendations into account.

After rejecting the pay agreement from last year, public sector employees are on strike.

On Tuesday, a number of government departments released their supporting documentation for the pay review bodies for the fiscal year 2023–24.

The government will make the final decision, but pay review bodies may choose to recommend a higher award.

In response to the new pay recommendations, the Royal College of Nursing in England has decided to end the 48-hour strike planned for the following week.

According to the most recent data, inflation was 101% in January, down from 105% in December 2022.

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