Penelope Williams, a nurse in Wrexham, is fired after a liaison

At Spire's Wrexham hospital, Penelope Williams received a dismissal after a patient passed away alongside her in a car

A hearing was informed that a man passed away with his pants down and a nurse he was secretly seeing in his car.

After he passed out in the car at Wrexham's Spire Hospital, Penelope Williams decided not to call an ambulance.

In January 2022, he passed away from heart failure and chronic kidney disease.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council expelled Mrs. Williams, a nurse who worked for the Betsi Cadwaladr health board, for tarnishing the reputation of the field.

The man, identified only as Patient A, was reportedly discovered unconscious in the back of his vehicle after the two had met in the hospital's parking lot one evening.

Mrs. Williams, a general nurse on a renal unit, told a panel evaluating her fitness to practice that she had met Patient A about a year earlier.

The hearing was informed that he had a number of medical issues and received treatment in the facility where Mrs. Williams worked.

Mrs. Williams had visited a coworker's house that evening before meeting Patient A.

Her coworker answered her call just before the clock struck twelve.

The panel overheard that she was "crying and distressed and asking for help.".

Mrs. Williams was advised to call an ambulance after being informed that someone had passed away, but she chose not to.

Patient A was only partially dressed and unresponsive when the colleague arrived at the parking lot, so they immediately dialed 999.

After a short while, he was declared dead.

When Patient A texted Mrs. Williams to let her know he was sick, she went to the parking lot, she initially told the police and a paramedic.

She told police they had had a sexual relationship the following day.

She refuted this, however, to health board representatives in February.

She claimed that after spending 30 to 45 minutes "just talking" in the back of his car, Patient A "started groaning and suddenly died.".

Mrs. Williams was fired after admitting the relationship and not calling an ambulance at a disciplinary hearing in May.

Failure to disclose the relationship, according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council panel, "put her own interests ahead of the welfare of Patient A.".

It was stated that although Mrs. Williams was sorry, she had little understanding of the harm her relationship might have done to nursing's reputation or how it might have affected public safety.

They concluded that she had engaged in serious misconduct and that her ability to practice was compromised.

The panel decided there were no mitigating circumstances and struck her from the nursing register.

According to the statement, "Mrs. Williams' actions were material deviations from the standards expected of a registered nurse and are fundamentally incompatible with her retention on the register.".

The panel came to the conclusion that Mrs. Williams' actions were so grave that allowing her to continue practicing would damage public trust in the industry and in the NMC as a regulatory body.

. "

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