People with dementia are offered therapeutic horse experiences

Equine and trainer

A charity in Surrey that provides therapeutic horseback riding lessons to disabled kids will soon provide a similar service for people with dementia.

The Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) of Horsley, Bookham, and Leatherhead has introduced a new program called Tea with a Pony.

The first activity will happen on Friday at Badgers Farm in Effingham.

According to the charity's chair, it will offer psychological and emotional advantages.

Residents of The Beeches care home in Leatherhead will enjoy tea and cake and have the opportunity to pet and interact with the horses with the assistance of trained volunteers.

The sessions have been designed for adults with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and stroke recovery.

According to Sheri Johnson, chair of the Horsley, Bookham and Leatherhead RDA, "We know the benefits of pets, but for many older people, keeping their own pet is no longer possible.".

Not only do they lose the companionship, but research has now shown that having a pet can also be very beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety, both of which are known to be made worse by dementia.

"Tea with a Pony offers the mental and emotional benefits of being around these perceptive and lovable animals to people who cannot ride. ".

Horse charity event
Typically, the charity provides disabled kids with therapeutic horseback riding lessons.

The manager of The Beeches nursing home, Michelle Daniels, expressed her excitement for the new experience for the facility's residents and said she was interested to see how they handled it.

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