Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries have come under fire for the Partygate investigation

both Nadine Dorries and Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg

Among those harshly criticized by a Commons committee for waging an effort to thwart its investigation into Boris Johnson are former ministers Nadine Dorries and Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg.

After the committee determined that the former prime minister lied to Parliament regarding Covid violations at Number 10, he resigned from his position as a member of parliament.

In a fresh report, the committee charged that Mr. Johnson's supporters had mounted "vociferous attacks" against it.

Priti Patel and Lord Goldsmith are two additional Tories that the report criticizes.

The committee has been attacked by seven MPs and three peers, including the former home secretary and the current minister of state for foreign affairs.

According to the report, committee members came under "unprecedented and coordinated pressure," which raised serious security concerns even though it had no bearing on the investigation's conclusion.

The committee stated that it was especially concerned about the attacks made by seasoned politicians like Lord Goldsmith, Sir Jacob, and Ms. Dorries.

Furthermore, two of the people launching "the most vociferous attacks" did so from a platform provided by their own TV programs, according to the report.

Sir Jacob and Ms. Dorries both have shows on GB News and TalkTV, respectively.

The report stated that the House of Commons would be responsible for deciding whether or not to take any further action.   .

In a previous defense of his conduct, Sir Jacob stated that it was "perfectly reasonable" for MPs to object to the committee's findings.

Free speech, according to the report, is "at the heart of parliamentary democracy," but some politicians had interfered in an "unacceptable" manner with disciplinary actions ordered by the Commons.

It was suggested that members of the committee who were mistreated might discourage others from joining them in the future.

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