Report: Half of patients with stroke are not receiving the necessary care

holding the patient's hand is a relative

New data reveals that only 50% of Scots who experienced a stroke last year received the required care.

According to national goals, 80% of patients should receive a "care bundle" that maximizes survival and recovery.

According to a Public Health Scotland report, the percentage was actually 50% in 2022, when there were 11,257 reported strokes, up from 11,055 in 2021.

The government has been contacted for comment, and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland called it a "wake-up call.".

Furthermore, according to Public Health Scotland (PHS), less than two-thirds of patients were admitted to stroke units within the predetermined time frames.

The care package includes prompt admission to a stroke unit, brain imaging, a swallowing disorder screening, and the administration of aspirin when necessary.

The Public Health Scotland (PHS) report stated that studies have shown these treatments are linked to "improved patient outcomes, particularly admission to a stroke unit.".

According to PHS, the decrease in patients receiving the bundle "will inevitably have resulted in longer lengths of stay and worse outcomes for those patients affected.".

Only NHS Orkney met the required standard of 80%; according to the report, all other health boards "fell considerably short.".

The proportion of stroke patients admitted to a stroke unit by an NHS board within a day of admission decreased from 70% in 2021 to 63 percent last year, falling far short of the 90 percent target.

After four days, the rate dropped to 77% from 86.6% in 2021 and fell short of the desired rate of 80%.

In the meantime, from 73 percent last year, 68 percent of stroke patients received a swallow screen within four hours.

Although it increased slightly from 88 to 98 percent of patients, the rate for brain scanning patients still fell short of the 90 percent target.

Additionally, the proportion of patients who received aspirin within a day increased from 91 percent to 92 percent from the previous year, moving closer to the 95 percent benchmark.

The PHS noted a wide range in access to specialized stroke care and claimed that post-pandemic strain had caused delays in emergency care in some health boards.

According to its report, 112 patients underwent thrombectomy procedures, which Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS) described as a crucial blood clot removal procedure that could prolong the lives of 800 patients annually.

Jane-Claire Judson, the chief executive of the charity, urged the Scottish government to increase funding for stroke treatment.

"The 31 people in Scotland who are reported to have suffered a stroke today will be terrified, and their families will be concerned," she said.

"It is shocking and inexcusable that only half of patients last year received the full stroke care bundle; these are crucial interventions that significantly raise people's chances of survival and recovery. ".

Receiving a thrombectomy has a significant impact on recovery, which could mean the difference between spending a few weeks in the hospital or months and months, according to Ms. Judson. Yet fewer than 15% of those who qualified for one received one last year. ".

The "extraordinary work" of medical staff is being "undermined" by systemic issues in the health service, according to John Watson, associate director for the Stroke Association in Scotland.

Unless senior management teams within health boards treat stroke as the priority it needs to be, he warned, "the alarming numbers we see today will continue next year and the year after.".

"Providing proper stroke care results in a shorter hospital stay, fewer patients experiencing disability, and lower ongoing social care expenses.

. "

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