Swansea: Morgan Ridler, age 3, passes away from cancer

Morgan Ridler (f. 1992)

In palliative care, a three-year-old boy with terminal cancer passed away after his treatment was ineffective.

At the age of two, Morgan Ridler, a Swansea resident, received a rare cancer diagnosis.

Morgan's tumors had gotten bigger, and his parents Matt and Natalie were advised to get ready for end-of-life care.

His parents wrote on social media after his early Wednesday death that their "beautiful boy started on his next great adventure.".

With his family present, they claimed that he was at peace and at ease.

Morgan passed away on Wednesday around 5:30 BST after being transferred from a children's hospice in the Vale of Glamorgan on Tuesday.

Eight rounds of chemotherapy had been administered to Morgan.

Even though it happened more quickly than we could have ever imagined, Morgan was in charge at the very end because he knew we were there to protect him.

Morgan Ridler and his family
The charity Morgan's parents founded helped families of children with cancer by raising thousands of pounds.

"No more suffering now; you fought so valiantly for so long, but you always smiled, always laughed, and always loved. ".

"Although I wish it hadn't, I know that knowing and loving you made us into better people. They praised you for teaching them to be and love more.

The tribute continued, "In us you have inspired more love than I ever thought possible; you have created power for good and we are so grateful for you.".

In order for staff members to comfort Morgan while he was receiving medical treatment in Birmingham, a nurse wrote soothing words in Welsh. These words later went viral on TikTok.

His parents made the decision to start their own nonprofit organization, Morgan's Army, to raise money for the families of children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

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