The emergency services that saved the life of the Harlow runner

With his wife, daughter, and the emergency personnel who helped save his life, Andre Dickinson (middle) can be seen

Running with his daughter when he suffered a heart attack; he later ran into the police and paramedics who helped save his life.

On December 30, Andrew Dickinson, 63, from Ossett in West Yorkshire, experienced pain while running in Harlow in Essex. By the time his daughter returned from retrieving her car, he had passed out.

At the scene, there were paramedics, two policemen, and a nurse who wasn't on duty.

It's wonderful to have the chance to express gratitude, Mr. Dickinson said.

Despite having chest pain for several days, Mr. Dickinson had attributed it to a Pilates strain.

For a post-Christmas get-together with their daughter Amber Ingle and grandchildren, he and his wife Margaret had traveled to Essex.

His daughter went to get the car when his pain started to worsen halfway through the run, but when she came back, she discovered her father unconscious on the sidewalk.

Prior to the arrival of paramedics, she called 999 and performed CPR for more than five minutes.

The last thing Mr. Dickinson remembered doing was tying the laces on his running shoes. Three days later, he awoke in a hospital, where he spent the next 11 days.

"Having the chance to express gratitude is wonderful. I know this doesn't happen frequently because I used to work for the police.

The people who saved my life were the first people I wanted to shake hands with. It's the bare minimum I can manage. ".

"It's really nice to meet them and have a clearer memory of what they look like, as well as find out how it affected them," Ms. Ingle said. They truly care about it; it's not just a job to them. ".

First on the scene paramedic Mark McHugh said it was "great to meet Andrew and see that our work has made a difference."

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