Twins qualify as doctors at same time

Jasmine Collins and Amelia

Following their graduation from the same university and course at the same time, a set of twins from Cornwall have earned their medical degrees.

Amelia and Jasmine Collins, both from Wadebridge, shared a residence for the majority of their five years in medical school at the University of Exeter.

The twins, who were 23 years old, claimed that having been twins in medical school had only been beneficial.

They will be separated when Amelia moves to Cardiff, despite Jasmine's assurance that they will "FaceTime every day.".

Jasmine claimed that while Amelia "had an ambition that developed later," she "wanted to be a doctor from when she was very small.".

In the south-west of England, both intend to eventually work for the NHS in intensive care.

However, Amelia stated that it was "going to be very different" in the interim. She will be in Exeter, whereas I am in Cardiff.

"I'm sure we'll FaceTime time every day," Jasmine continued. ".

Tracey Collins, the mothers of the girls, described them as being "very warm-hearted.".

What you see is what you get, she said. Both inside and out, they are gorgeous. We are so pleased. ".

Twins graduating at the same time is unusual, according to the medical school.   .

They were both "very driven and energetic," according to professor Vikram Devaraj, which aided them in reaching this goal.

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