Two new diagnostic facilities will open in Northamptonshire

In-patient scan

In order to cut down on hospital visits, two community diagnostic centers are opening in Northamptonshire.

Early in 2024, the NHS facilities are scheduled to open in Corby and Kings Heath, Northampton.

A variety of services, including MRI scans, blood tests, and ultrasounds, will be available at the locations.

According to Polly Grimmett of the University Hospitals of Northamptonshire NHS Group, they would "bring down waiting times.".

The organization, which is in charge of the hospitals in Kettering and Northampton, expressed the hope that, once fully operational, the community diagnostic centers (CDCs) will provide about 90,000 extra tests annually.

While one will be located at the current Kings Heath Medical Center in Northampton, the other will be at the Willowbrook Health Centre site in Corby.

The sites, which are two of many being built across the nation as part of a drive to reduce NHS waiting lists, will be established with the aid of nearly £17 million in government funding.

The CDCs will be accessible to patients "12 hours a day, seven days a week," according to Ms. Grimmett, group director of strategy.

She expressed her hope that this would "encourage" patients to visit these facilities earlier, "when they recognize symptoms," resulting in earlier diagnoses and their ability to receive treatment. and experience improved health outcomes.

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