Units at the New Somerset Hospital assist patients in leaving for home

Next to her hospital bed, Gwendoline Bawden is seated

Now that specialized units are available, hospital patients in Somerset can use them to ensure that they are better prepared to go home.

In order to assist patients, the hospitals in Yeovil and Musgrove Park have Ready To Go Units.

Utilizing activity is intended to prevent hospital readmissions or post-discharge care needs for patients.

Jannine Hayman, senior matron for integrated and urgent care at Musgrove Park, stated that she wanted patients to be as independent as possible.

She described the units as a "new concept" for Somerset's NHS.

"We have a lot of patients who are medically qualified for discharge, so that's why it was set up. In order to shorten our patients' hospital stays, we are considering the advantages for them. ".

The 86-year-old Exmoor resident Gwendaline Bawden stated: "There's a young lady comes in and we do exercises with rubber balls and all kinds of things. ".

As she got ready to go home, she thought it would be useful.

It's acclimating you to the outside world, she explained.

Gwendaline Bawden sitting next to her hospital bed
Gwendaline Bawden, an Exmoor resident, has been participating in events at Musgrove Park Hospital.

Patients are urged to take quick walks and practice grip strength training by Age UK Somerset fitness instructor Michelle Purnell, who frequently visits the facility. She also employs interaction and music.

"I only visit the ward to encourage people to get up and move around rather than spend the entire time sitting by their beds.

"We try to mobilize them and get them to engage with one another by having a little more conversation with their neighbors on each side. ".

The response, according to her, was "brilliant and genuinely positive.".

She remarked, "It's really nice to see the difference in people from when you first come on to the ward when they're just sat there in their own little world, and then they change while I'm here.

Getting people back to being active is important, according to Joanna Jackson, a senior physiotherapist working in Musgrove Park's Ready to Go unit.

"What we discover with our older population is that if they don't have a reason to get up, get busy, and be active, it's all too easy in a hospital setting to just sit by your bedside," she said.

The patients won't be physically capable of returning home when the services are ready for them to do so because they will have deconditioned quickly, grown weaker, and lost their ability.

We have been able to intervene there and set up a lot of activity.

. "

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