Youth referrals to a charity for off-road motorcycles in Birstall are increasing

William dididik di Bumpy

A charity that trains vulnerable young people on off-road motorcycles reports an increase in referrals since the pandemic.

Each week, the group says, more than 100 young people attend sessions at Bumpy in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

The charity says it now sees more people with mental health issues after receiving referrals from social services or the police.

Many visitors find that riding a motorcycle helps them "empty their heads," according to the project manager Carolyne Kenzitt.

We're seeing more young people with hangovers being referred due to the pandemic, according to Ms. Kenzitt.

"They've essentially locked themselves in their bedrooms and don't want to interact with anyone. They do not desire interaction with friends.

"I'm hoping we can talk to them about our love of riding motorcycles and give them a chance to forget about their problems while they're out here riding around the track. ".

Young people at Bumpy
Weekly attendance at the track is over 100 young people.
Going to the track has boosted Scarlett's confidence, she claimed.

Both Scarlett and William frequent the track; they are both autistic and suffer from ADHD.

Scarlett's parents claimed that she was isolating herself in her room, refusing to interact with others, and was a target of bullying.

She was referred to Bumpy by West Yorkshire Police following a physical altercation.

"Usually, I'm really awkward around people," she admitted. I can still picture how quiet and nonverbal I was the first time I was on the track.

"After that, I spoke more. Sincerely, it gave me a lot more confidence than I had before. ".

From when she started to now, there has been a complete 360-degree turnaround, according to her father Mark.

"She exudes great confidence. She now has the capacity to respond effectively to challenges. ".

William training at Bumpy
William claims that working out at Bumpy helps him to relax.

It's challenging to describe because, when you're riding a motorcycle, it seems like everything—including your thoughts—just vanishes, and all that's left is fun. ".

Bumpy, also known as the Birstall Urban Motorcycle Project for Youth, was founded to give young people a place to ride bikes safely off-road rather than on city streets.

The charity claimed that it frequently helped some of West Yorkshire's most vulnerable kids, who might be at risk of being groomed by criminal gangs.

"I feel like it's a really important time," said Sgt. Claire Thornton of the West Yorkshire Police.

Not just in Leeds but all over the country, there are many things happening right now.

"When Bumpy does things like this, it keeps kids from getting involved in crime and anti-social behavior.

The time required is actually quite short. A child's future is completely altered if just a little bit of investment is made in them at a young age.

. "

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