77-year-old parishioner from Thetford will cycle from Walsingham to Lourdes

With his bicycle, Simon John

In an effort to raise awareness of modern slavery, a 77-year-old churchgoer is cycling 852 miles (1,371 km) between two shrines.

Monday marks the beginning of Simon John's unassisted journey from Thetford, Norfolk, to Lourdes, France. The 14th of July is the target date for his arrival.

Funds are being raised by the Catholic parishioner for Caritas Bakhita House and Anti-Slavery International.

He stated, "I think everyone deserves to live a life free from exploitation.

"I'm doing this ride on my own, and I'm really worried about this challenge. I'm hoping to make it. For people's liberation and restoration, I hope and pray. ".

Around 50 million people are prevented from exercising their freedom due to modern slavery, with children making up one in every four slaves, according to Anti-Slavery International.

In order to "help achieve realistic and long-lasting changes in the systems that currently permit modern slavery to exist," the charity claimed it collaborated with survivors, international organizations, businesses, governments, and communities.

Women who are fleeing human trafficking and modern slavery can find safety and support at Caritas Bakhita House, which is run by the Diocese of Westminster.

It has housed more than 170 women since it opened in 2015.

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