A fan traveling from Mongolia to Manchester United hopes to motivate others

Chirvaani Batbold

An avid Manchester United fan from Mongolia who is cycling from his home to the UK to watch the team play said the journey is about living "without regrets.".

Ochirvaani Batbold began cycling from Ulaanbaatar to Old Trafford in May, and he is currently about one-third of the way there.

The former Mongolian Premier League player expressed his hope to arrive at the stadium by December.

The club expressed its "best of luck" wishes for the remainder of his journey.

On May 5, Batbold claimed to have left the Mongolian capital and had already covered more than 1,864 miles (3,000 km).

The road to Sayram Lake in Xinjiang, China, according to him, was the "best bit" so far on his journey through China and into Kazakhstan.

He acknowledged that there had also been challenging times.

Ochirvaani Batbold in China
The road leading to Sayram Lake in Xinjiang, China, according to Batbold, has been the "best bit" so far.

"There were a lot of challenging days with cold, snow, and rain, and now there are still a lot of very hot days," he said.

The hardest day was a snowstorm, but I've also seen some really lovely places and met a lot of nice people. I am extremely happy with everything. ".

Before arriving in the UK, he said he would travel through Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and France.

For the first time, "I will end my story at Old Trafford," he declared.

"I want to make wonderful memories that I will always cherish. ".

Orchirvaani Batbold in 2014
As a fan of Manchester United, Batbold wore the team's jersey while working out with Bayangol FC in 2014.

Batbold claimed that his passion for the Red Devils and a hoax that nearly ended his football dreams—a fake trial with Major League Soccer team LA Galaxy in the US—inspired him to embark on this journey.

The football player recently assisted Tuv Buganuud FC in winning the Mongolia Cup and has also played for Bayangol FC and Ulaanbaatar City. In 2014, he told BBC News that his dream was "to become a professional football player and play at Old Trafford.".

He claimed that he had been "thinking about becoming a professional footballer" and was "very confident" when the con artist contacted him.

I believed I had a chance when the fake agent contacted me, he said.

"He gave me the chance to play professional football, and I didn't want to pass up the chance. ".

He claimed that the con artist eventually stole £3,000 from him and his family, putting them in danger of going bankrupt.

"My parents gave me the money I needed because they trusted me. but it all came to an awful end," he said.

Orchirvaani Batbold
In his own words, Batbold loved "adventure and Manchester United.".

When he finally broke the news to his family, they encouraged him to remain strong, and as word of his situation spread, "many kind people" donated money to support them. He claimed that he had almost been "too scared to tell my family bad news.".

He claimed that the outpouring of support motivated him to take a risk and realize another of his long-held goals.

I gave everything some more thought, he admitted.

"I made a promise to myself that I would fulfill my dreams, not just for myself but also for those who believed in me and consistently encouraged me. ".

Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney, according to Batbold, is still his favorite United player because he "loves his game style.".

He declared his love for "adventure and Manchester United" and his desire to "do something that inspires others greatly" in order to demonstrate his ability to "live without regrets.".

So, he said, "I made the decision to cycle to Old Trafford.".

He claimed he started supporting United after watching the team beat Liverpool in 2010. During that match, Dimitar Berbatov of Bulgaria scored a famous hat-trick and Wayne Rooney, who would later become Batbold's favorite player, put on a strong performance.

Since then, he had "supported Man United and in particular Wayne Rooney," he claimed.

He said, "Wazza was such a strong player.

"I admired his playing style.

. "

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