A farmer from Shropshire assists in transporting pickup trucks to Ukraine

NBC News

A farmer who traveled almost 1,500 miles across Europe to the Ukraine to assist in the delivery of vehicles and supplies described the trip as "a life-changing experience.".

David Evans, a participant from Shropshire, joined the May convoy as a part of the Pickups for Peace campaign.

Before being used by the army for logistics, the 4x4s were delivered at a military facility in Lviv.

It was "difficult to put into words because of the emotion and the gratitude we received," he said of the experience.

After reading about the program in a farming magazine, Mr. Evans developed an interest in it.

It "just happened," he claimed, adding that he needed to sell a pickup.

He added that the vehicles were also filled with supplies that the neighborhood had donated.

It was my first time driving across the continent, but as he put it, "the whole concept of what was happening almost carried you through it.".

By the Ukrainian army, Mr. Evans received a certificate of appreciation.

After crossing the border between Poland and Ukraine, the drivers were given a police escort to the military base.

In many ways, he continued, "the entire event was very emotional.".

The convoy consisted of 38 pickups, and more than 60 people, all of whom shared the same sentiments, according to him.

"The comradery was incredible. ".

During a formal ceremony at the military camp, each participant received a certificate and a plaque as a thank you. They also went to a cemetery in Lviv.

It was incredibly sad and moving, according to Mr. Evans.

"What struck me was the color — the flags and flowers decorating the graves, and each grave had a picture of the person who had tragically lost their life," the witness said. ".

The president of the Minsterley agricultural show announced that the show's organizers would assist in raising additional funds to buy a new vehicle, which would then be driven over in September.

Since I've returned, he continued, "the entire community now wants to hear more and get involved."

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