A North Norfolk MP asks NATO to send military aircraft to Ukraine

Baker, Duncan

A recently returned Ukrainian MP has asked NATO to send military jets to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

After helping local volunteers deliver aid, North Norfolk's Conservative MP Duncan Baker spoke.

In an $18,000 fundraising effort, Lyiv received dozens of generators, blankets, and dog food.

I believe we ought to support the Ukrainian people in any way we can, said Mr. Baker.

Duncan Baker
Nort Norfolk's MP stated his opinion that NATO should give Ukraine access to military aircraft.

The supplies were delivered to the frontlines in Ukraine by a local charity.

There has been a lot of demand for NATO to send jets to provide the best air cover, and Mr. Baker stated that this was necessary in order to achieve a military victory.

"I don't know how you can say we'll do everything we can to train pilots and then not help by sending fighter jets.

"I just get the impression that we're heading in that direction. ".

Recently, the British government agreed to train pilots and provide tanks to the Ukrainian army, but it has not yet agreed to provide jets.

According to NATO, doing so could make the situation worse.

Rob Scammell
The people Rob Scammell encountered "were determined not to give in," he said.

A North Walsham businessman named Rob Scammell, who oversaw the mission, said: "There is a huge demand for generators to support individuals, medical facilities, schools, hospitals, and orphanages because Putin has switched his attacks to infrastructure. ".

He thanked the residents of Norfolk who contributed more than £18,000 to pay for the aid, some of whom had also donated generators that they had stored in their sheds.

Nearly a year into the conflict, he claimed that many people's attitudes were "very bleak, but everyone told us they were determined not to give in.".

The family of Mr. Baker in Norfolk has been hosting the Ukrainian teacher Anna Kolomiichuk and her six-year-old son.

The war, according to Ms. Kolomiichuk, had grown tiresome for Ukrainians but her nation was "more united than ever" and "everyone believes we will win.".

Despite being exhausting, she continued, "when you know what you're fighting for, you just do it and they will keep on doing it for however long it takes."

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