According to a veteran, the rescue efforts following the earthquake in Turkey were the most difficult yet

Stephen Irving

The most complicated operation he has ever been a part of, according to a veteran firefighter who spent his weekend rescuing two earthquake victims from Turkey.

On Saturday in Hatay, an eight-story building collapsed, and Phil Irving spent 17 hours assisting in the rescue of a police officer and a woman.

Mr. Irving has previously assisted with rescue operations all over the world.

Nevertheless, he claimed that the work was never made any simpler.

The veteran from the Mid and West Fire and Rescue Service said, "You don't get desensitized to it.

"Every rescue is tinged with sadness to some extent. Whoever is waiting outside for them is mourning for everyone they have lost, and whoever you are yanking out has probably left someone behind in that building. ".

The 46-year-old from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, said on BBC Radio Wales' Breakfast program that the rescue operation for the two victims who were buried under debris was the most intricate he had ever worked on.

We had to enter through the buildings on either side because we could hear them shouting. We were unable to locate them specifically.

"We had to gamble and decide where to make a breakthrough. a peculiar way to begin the rescue. ".

Phil Irving
Every rescue, according to the firefighter, is tinged with melancholy.

He expressed amazement at the woman, stating that she required almost no medical attention and that her "strength and resilience was second to none.".

He claimed there were possible pelvic injuries on the man.

He said, "There are times of joy for those who are reunited with families, but there is also grief.".

"It's an emotional whirlwind. It's extremely challenging to describe. You can only validate those feelings before you actually have them. ".

In just one week, more than 33,000 people have lost their lives as a result of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The destruction caused by the collapsed high-rise buildings, according to Mr. Irving, is "profound," and he added, "It's just something I've never seen in my life.". ".

113 arrest warrants, according to Turkish officials, have been issued in relation to the building of the structures that were destroyed by the earthquake on Monday.

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