According to the Pentagon, a Chinese spy balloon did not gather any data

After being shot down off the coast of Surfside Beach, South Carolina, the alleged Chinese spy balloon drifts to t...

According to the Pentagon, the Chinese balloon that traveled across the US mainland in February from Alaska to the east coast did not gather any data.

US officials claimed on Thursday that they "took steps to mitigate" the amount of intelligence that the alleged spy balloon could gather.

US intelligence agencies are analyzing debris that was removed from the balloon after it was shot down.

Between the US and China, the incident led to tension.

The US was "aware that [the balloon] had capabilities for gathering intelligence," according to Brigadier General Pat Ryder, a spokesman for the Pentagon.

However, "our assessment now is that it did not collect while it was transiting the United States or over flying the United States.".

He claimed that the US's attempts to prevent any intelligence gathering "contributed" to the balloon's failure to collect sensitive data.

Gen. Ryder stated that Chinese drones have previously used US off-the-shelf equipment, though he declined to confirm a Wall Street Journal report that American-made equipment was included in the balloon.

Before being brought down by a fighter jet off the Atlantic coast on orders from President Joe Biden, the balloon spent a week in February flying over the United States and Canada.

Later, divers went to the ocean to retrieve the sensors from the alleged Chinese spy balloon.

The balloon's passage over US military bases raised suspicions that Beijing was using it to gather intelligence.

Chinese officials claim that the US reacted inappropriately by shooting down what they claim was a civilian weather balloon.

The incident led Secretary of State Antony Blinken to cancel a planned diplomatic visit to Beijing. This month's first week has already seen the rescheduled trip.

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