According to US media, cocaine found at the White House prompted an evacuation

The White House's south facade

According to US media, a white substance that caused an emergency evacuation at the White House on Sunday night tested positive for cocaine.

The substance was discovered during a routine inspection at the secure building, according to the US Secret Service.

The Washington Post and AP News reported the preliminary positive test, citing law enforcement sources.

When the substance was discovered, President Joe Biden and his family were away at their home in Camp David.

Secret Service agents discovered the white powder "inside a work area" of the West Wing on Sunday around 20:45 local time (01:45 BST), according to a statement given to the BBC by Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi. As a precaution, the White House complex was shut down.   .

According to Mr. Guglielmi, the substance was quickly assessed as "non-hazardous" by the fire department.

He said the item has been sent for additional testing and that an investigation is ongoing, including how the substance got into the White House, but he did not confirm the preliminary test results.

The Oval Office and the Situation Room are located in the West Wing, a sizable, multi-level area of the White House that houses the president of the United States' offices.

Along with hundreds of other employees who have access, it also houses the offices of the vice president, the White House chief of staff, the press secretary, and others.

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