After a violent night, Honduras implements curfews

Patrolling armed police in Choloma

In a town where 13 people were shot dead on Saturday, the president of Honduras has imposed an immediate curfew.   .

As a "brutal and ruthless terrorist attack," Xiomara Castro called the murders that took place in a pool hall in Choloma.

Twelve men and one woman were killed while attending a birthday party.

Authorities reported that at least 20 people had died on Saturday as a result of separate homicides in the northern Sula Valley area, which are believed to have been committed by drug trafficking gangs.

Beginning on Sunday at 21:00 local time (05:00 BST), a curfew will be in effect for at least 15 days.

On July 4, it will be extended to the close-by San Pedro Sula, the second-largest city in the nation of Central America.

The actions, according to Ms. Castro, were taken in response to "the brutal and ruthless terrorist attack by hired killers trained and directed by drug lords" in the Sula Valley.

She stated that numerous operations, raids, captures, and checkpoints were being carried out.

A reward of about $33,000 (£26,000) is being offered by the Honduran government in exchange for information leading to the identification and arrest of those responsible for the Choloma shootings, along with the promise of the deployment of 1,000 extra security guards to the region.

In an effort to combat violent gangs, a partial state of emergency has been in effect in some parts of the nation since December. The country has struggled in recent years to control escalating conflict and drug-related crime.

The nation, alongside its neighbors El Salvador and Guatemala, is a crucial transit point for cocaine traveling from South America to the United States.

The shooting occurred a week after a prison riot outside of Tegucigalpa's capital, where at least 46 women were killed in acts of gang violence.

Rivalries between the 18th Street Gang and MS-13, two of the most notorious criminal organizations in Central America, were what caused it, survivors told local media.

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