After ten days, Finland's economy minister resigns due to Nazi allusions

At a press conference on June 28 at the Finnish parliament in Helsinki, Vilhelm Junnila

Due to comments he made at a far-right event four years ago, Finland's new economy minister resigned after only 10 days in office.

Vilhelm Junnila, a member of the nationalist Finns Party, has been charged with making numerous Nazi allusions.

After offering an apology and surviving a vote of no confidence, he on Friday announced his resignation.

In order to protect Finland's and the government's reputations, Mr. Junnila stated that he was resigning.

Mr. Junnila continued in a statement, "I see that it is impossible for me to continue as a minister in a satisfactory way.

He resigned after it was discovered that in 2019, he spoke at a Nationalist Alliance event in Turku, Finland.

He mentioned that the local party chairman's election number was 88 at the ceremony honoring the victims of a stabbing that had occurred in the city two years earlier. Mr. Junnila himself had that same election number.

Since the letter H is the eighth in the alphabet and stands for "Heil Hitler," neo-Nazis interpret the number 88 to stand for "HH.".

According to Finnish public broadcaster Yle, Mr. Junnila later congratulated another candidate who received the same number at a Finns campaign event in March.

"First of all, congrats on a strong election turnout. I'm confident it's a winning card. Let's not focus on the fact that this 88 refers to the two "Hs," said the 41-year-old jokingly.

Last week, Mr. Junnila expressed regret for his actions by writing on social media that he had "done something wrong.".

In a different Facebook post, he stated, "I hope everyone is clear that I strongly and categorically condemn the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and all anti-Semitic acts.

This week, opposition parties accused Mr. Junnila of repeatedly making statements that were associated with the Nazis. The no-confidence motion was defeated in the parliament.

The member of the Finns Party has also come under fire for saying in 2019 that Finland should encourage what he called "climate abortions" in African countries, according to the national daily Helsingin Sanomat.

Last Tuesday, the Finns Party, which came in second in the April election, was formally sworn in as a member of a new right-wing coalition government.

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