Apology given after foreign footage is used in a Philippine tourism video

a photograph of whale sharks and kayakers with the caption "Love The Philippines."

In a video promoting travel, a Philippine advertising firm apologized for using images from other nations.

Images of an airplane landing in Switzerland, sand dunes in the United Arab Emirates, and rice terraces in Indonesia were used in the advertising campaign.

DDB Philippines, the advertising firm, expressed regret for the "unfortunate oversight".

No public funds were used to produce the video, according to Christina Garcia Frasco, secretary of tourism for the Philippines.

The Department of Tourism, according to Ms. Frasco, had repeatedly requested confirmation from the advertising firm DDB Philippines that the content used in the video was their own and original.

"On ALL these occasions, DDB repeatedly reassured the DOT that the originality and ownership of all materials are in order," the spokesperson claimed.

It was created for the "Love the Philippines" campaign, which was launched in late June and cost £708,298 (US $ 900,000).

French news agency AFP and Filipino blogger Sass Rogando Sasot's analysis was the first to reveal the use of the foreign videos.

The department, according to Ms. Frasco, would make sure DDB Philippines accepted responsibility for the video.

Although the use of stock footage in mood videos is common in the advertising sector, DDB Philippines apologized for using other videos in this case.

It stated that the use of foreign stock footage in a campaign to promote the Philippines was extremely inappropriate and at odds with the goals of the DOT.

The company removed the video and promised to help the department of tourism with its inquiry.

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