As the age limit has been raised, people over 30 are considering a gap year in Australia

At Uluru, one of Australia's most well-known tourist destinations, tourists take pictures

The age requirement for working holiday visas was raised to 35, allowing millions more Britons to live and work there.

All British citizens now have a higher age restriction of 35, opening up the application process to 16 million more people.

The changes, which are a big hit with budget travelers, are an important component of the free trade agreement that the two nations reached last year.

Additionally, traveling and working in the UK will be simpler for Australians.

It comes after an agreement to extend working holiday visas to people 35 years of age and older between New Zealand and the UK.

Various limitations on the kind of work that visitors are permitted to do will be lifted by 2024 under the scheme, which will allow Britons to live and work in Australia for up to three years.

A rule that dates back more than ten years required working holidaymakers from the United Kingdom to perform 88 days of agricultural work for every additional year they wished to remain in Australia.

These limitations are now being relaxed, allowing visitors to work more freely in all sectors of the economy.

The three-year allowance may be utilized whenever desired up until the age of 35 and does not have to be taken consecutively.

Foreign tourists have recently shown a lot of interest in the major sporting events that will take place in Australia over the next few years, according to Sally Cope, UK regional general manager for Tourism Australia.

"It's an exciting time, and major sporting events like the 2032 Summer Olympics in Brisbane and the FIFA Women's World Cup offer the temporary contract work that young tourists want. ".

Every year, about 35,000 people with working holiday visas from the UK arrive in Australia, and many of them decide to stay.   .

Australians will be able to apply for UK working holiday visas up to the age of 35, rather than 30, and stay for three years rather than two years, starting in July of this year.

Young people from Europe frequently travel to Australia.

Aside from lifestyle attractions, wages in the United States are a little higher than in many European nations.

The current Australian minimum wage for workers over the age of 23 is $21.38 (£11.22), while the UK's is £10.42.

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