De toerist van Rhodos voelde dat ze was achtergelaten om te sterven

Fires in the distance and people on the beach

A visitor to Rhodes claimed that she and her companion believed they would perish in the wildfires.

When they were forced to leave their hotel in Kiotari, Libby Robb and her partner Josh, both of Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, were on the Greek island to celebrate their 21st birthdays.

"We were simply strolling aimlessly. She told BBC Radio Sussex, "We didn't know where we were going.

A father from Faversham, Kent, claimed that the cancellation of his family vacation left him £10,000 in debt.

Wildfires and crowds of tourists in Rhodes

Ms. Robb and her companion were instructed to sprint toward the crowded beach.

Greece claims that in response to the wildfires, which have compelled 19,000 people to flee their homes, it has launched the largest rescue operation of its kind.

When it appeared that the fire was going out, Ms. Robb recalled that "out of nowhere a massive black cloud came over and everyone just started running.".

She and her companion were informed that they would be picked up by a coach and transported to a secure location, but all the coaches quickly became full.

They claimed that more coaches would arrive, but none did, according to Ms. Robb.

"We could see the fire coming over the hill towards us as one dropped off people and drove off.

"We felt as though we had been abandoned and simply left to perish. ".

Ms. Robb and her companion eventually made it to another hotel, where they were forced to spend the next two nights sleeping on sun lounger cushions on the foyer floor.

They took a taxi to the airport from there and were scheduled to fly back to Gatwick on Monday afternoon.

Chris Elworthy and his family

On Saturday, Chris Elworthy was scheduled to travel to Rhodes with his family using easyJet.

To get to a private villa in Pefkos, Chris Elworthy, 42, was scheduled to fly with easyJet to Rhodes on Saturday with his wife Emma, 43, and children Thomas, 13, and Charlotte, 11, but both reservations were canceled.

EasyJet is not providing any assistance with a flight, despite promising on Twitter that they would do so. 24 hours later, they have done nothing. "We are now £10,000 in the hole," he said.

"The villa won't give us our money back, and our vacation insurance claims we aren't protected because we didn't have the supplemental natural disaster coverage on top of the basic coverage. ”.

For a response, the airline has been contacted.

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