Extremely right-wing Austrian biker gangs' weapons and drugs were seized

Militari e memorabilia nazi

During raids on homes connected to an extreme-right group, security forces in Austria have seized hundreds of weapons as well as Nazi flags and memorabilia.

During the operation, which included searching 13 properties in the provinces of Upper and Lower Austria, six people were detained.

They are reportedly "outlaw motorcycle gang members," according to the authorities.

Over €1 million (£860,000) in cash and illegal drugs were also discovered by police.

The surgery was performed on Monday, but official information about it was only made public on Thursday.

According to the interior ministry, "35 long firearms, 25 submachine guns, 100 pistols, over a thousand weapons components, and 400 signal weapons" were among the weapons seized.

More than 10,000 rounds of ammunition and grenade launchers were also found.

The home raids were a part of a larger investigation into Austria's extreme-right motorcycle gangs.

Guns and Nazi memorabilia
Some of those detained during the raids, according to the authorities, are closely connected to a right-wing extremist criminal organization.

Officials from the interior ministry claimed that in December 2022, they learned that the international motorcycle gang Bandidos intended to expand into Austria.

The ministry claimed that comparable events in Switzerland had sparked bloody altercations between the Bandidos and the Hell's Angels.

Omar Haijawi-Pirchner, the director of the nation's intelligence agency (DSN), stated that the investigations "have shown the extent to which right-wing extremism is represented in outlaw motorcycle gangs.".

He said Monday's seizures came as Austria sees "an increasing militarisation of the extreme right-wing scene".

Police said some of those arrested in the raids had close links to the right-wing extremist criminal association known as Object 21.

Austria has strict anti-Nazi laws that make it illegal to own Nazi or neo-Nazi memorabilia and forbid any actions that exalt the Third Reich.

Adolf Hitler's birthplace, Austria, was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938 and played a significant role in the crimes committed by the Third Reich.

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