Flooding in Tyrone and Donegal: cleanup efforts are ongoing


Counties Tyrone and Donegal are still cleaning up from the weekend's severe flooding.

In Castlederg, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and Raphoe, the Republic of Ireland, numerous homes and businesses sustained significant damage.

Between Friday at 19:00 BST and Sunday at 19:00 BST, rain totaled 81mm in Castlederg.

There weren't enough sandbags for a while during the torrential downpour, according to councillor Derek Hussey.

The Ulster Unionist Party representative said, "There were initially sandbags at two locations but one of the issues was, because of the intensity of the situation, they ran out.".

Outside Ashburn Park, off Killeter Road in Castlederg, this was the situation.

More sandbags eventually arrived, but there was a delay. "Myself and other councillors in the area were in constant contact with the agencies to then get more sandbags on site. ".

According to the Department for Infrastructure (DfI), several pumps and an estimated 5,000 sandbags were used to protect properties.

Additionally, it claimed that throughout Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday, it assisted affected residents and businesses and responded to more than 100 calls to the flooding incident line.

According to the Department for Communities (DfC), individual homeowners who have "suffered severe inconvenience" can request £1,000 from their council to ensure that their home can be "made habitable as quickly as possible.".

An official from the Derry City and Strabane District Council confirmed that 21 homes in the Castlederg area had already been visited by environmental health officers as a result of the flooding.

A council spokesperson stated that "at this time, two inhabited buildings have been affected by flood water damage.".

Anyone who has been affected by the flooding is urged to call the flooding helpline to report the incident. ".

Donegal County Council has been contacted by BBC Radio Foyle for a statement.

As soon as the heavy rain began, Francis Dolan started keeping an eye out for any indications of flooding in his Castlederg home.

I knew it would happen sooner or later because it had happened before, he said.

"It was becoming ominous. Due to my disability, my wheelchair wouldn't fare well in the water. ".

Sandbags sit outside houses after flooding
Over the weekend, sandbags were used to line the streets of Castlederg's residential areas.

Before the fire department arrived, Geraldine Browne, the manager of Silverdale Care Home in Castlederg, reported that locals were on hand to assist residents.

People with slurry tankers, water pumps, and sandbags were on standby, according to her.

Everyone put in a lot of effort to avoid forcing the residents out of their home, which would have been terrifying and upsetting for them in the wee hours of a Saturday night. ".

Heavy rain on Saturday night forced many locals in Raphoe, County Tyrone, close to the Northern Ireland border, to clean up on Sunday.

Dale Hyndman described it as the worst flooding he had ever experienced while speaking to BBC's the North West Today.

We've experienced this in Raphoe on numerous occasions, he said.   .

"Unfortunately, it has once more been left up to the locals to try and stop the water's flow.

Nothing can be done, you know. Tons of water are gushing in, and all you can do is watch helplessly. ".

Scene in Raphoe
Raphoe saw high water levels during the weekend at several businesses.

According to Mr. Hyndman, he is still evaluating the harm that the floodwater has caused to his property and his parent's house.

He claimed that the property's floor coverings were beginning to flake off.

"There's a smell, and over the next few weeks it's just a strip-out job," he said.

Time and money are involved.

. "

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