For RTÉ's The Late Late Show, Patrick Kielty discusses his pay

Patrick Kielty

According to Patrick Kielty, his contract with RTÉ to host The Late Late Show is worth €250,000 (£216,000) for each season.

Ryan Tubridy's predecessor received significant unreported payments, which sparked controversy when the figure was revealed.

On Monday, Dee Forbes, the director general of the Irish public service broadcaster, resigned as concerns about the agreement with Mr. Tubridy grew.

Mr. Kielty announced on Thursday that he had agreed to host The Late Late Show on RTÉ One for three seasons, each of which would have 30 episodes.

He stated that he would receive €250,000 (£216,000) for each series, totaling €750,000 (£648,166) for the duration of the agreement, with any extra episodes being compensated on a pro rata basis.

A one-time payment of €20,000 (£17,279) will also be given to the performer to cover pre-production costs and rehearsal costs from now until September.

The comedian from Northern Ireland explained that although the contract permits it, he has chosen not to submit his travel and lodging costs.

I have stated to RTÉ that I will be responsible for paying for my own travel and lodging.

"I sincerely hope that this clarifies the situation moving forward. I am so eager to begin. ".

Dee Forbes and Ryan Tubridy

In the wake of the Ryan Tubridy earnings scandal, Dee Forbes resigned on Monday.

With a start date of 1962, The Late Late Show is one of the oldest late-night talk shows in existence.

Since Mr. Tubridy's resignation as host in March, a replacement has been named.

County Down native Mr. Kielty has a long history of performing stand-up comedy and presenting on television and radio.

In response to calls for the salary to be made public, RTÉ had stated on Wednesday that it would be willing to publish information about Mr. Kielty's pay if he agreed.

Last week, it was revealed that between 2017 and 2022, Mr. Tubridy received €345,000 (£296,000) more than RTÉ had initially disclosed.

After the company's auditors informed the board of some of the transactions in March, the extra payments were discovered.

On Wednesday, RTÉ representatives were questioned by a committee of the Oireachtas (Irish parliament), and they refuted claims that the discovery of the invoices was connected to Mr. Tubridy's announcement that he was leaving The Late Late Show.

RTÉ staff on protest in the wake of the Ryan Tubridy controversy

In an effort to demand transparency at Ireland's national broadcaster, RTÉ employees have been protesting.

A review of RTÉ's leadership and culture has been requested by Catherine Martin, minister of media in Ireland.

Last week, Ms. Forbes was placed on administrative leave; on Monday, she resigned with immediate effect.

After being appointed in July 2016, she had served as RTÉ's director general for almost seven years.

The Oireachtas should question Ms. Forbes, Mr. Tubridy, and his agent Noel Kelly, according to Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar.

In relation to these unusual, covert payments in RTÉ, Mr. Varadkar stated, "We are trying to figure out what happened.

"There are processes in place, they'll be treated fairly, and I believe that would be the right move on their part.

"They might have a tale to tell, and I think it's right that they should be permitted to share it.

. "

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