Gloucestershire's response to the Turkish earthquake has been "overwhelming."

individuals living in the camp

Two lorries from Gloucestershire have arrived in Turkey with supplies for those affected by the recent earthquakes.

Councilman for Gloucester City Alastair Chambers, Sahin Tuncel, Dave Stewart, his son Daniel, and Martin Humphreys planned and oversaw the shipment.

The aid mission was "overwhelming," according to Cllr Chambers.

On February 6, there were significant earthquakes in Turkey and Syria that resulted in more than 44,000 fatalities and 100,000 injuries.

According to Mr. Chambers, the group was taken on a tour of the village of Hatay Hassa Aktepe, where many of the structures had been reduced to nothing more than ruins.

Villagers at a refugee camp receiving the aid
Gloucestershire residents gave clothes, medicines, and other necessities to Turkey.

From villagers residing in a refugee camp, he claimed there were "many sad stories of families who have lost everyone.".

In one single night, he claimed, a young mother with a baby lost her husband, brother-in-law, mother, father, and sister.

"The family's house and all of their possessions have vanished. The baby and the clothes she is wearing are all she has, according to Mr. Chambers.

From the aid gathered in Gloucestershire, he claimed they were able to provide her with baby clothes, food, and medication.

Because the emergency services couldn't reach the mountain villages, in some cases, residents had to remove the bodies of their neighbors from their homes.

In the refugee camp, there were 400 people, according to Mr. Chambers, and after receiving aid, "sad faces [turned] to happy faces.". ,.

The support of the Gloucester community, he continued, "would not have been possible. It has been overwhelming."

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