In just 24 hours, you can travel from the Bafta red carpet to the earthquake zone in Turkey

Robert Taylor

Think about leaving the glitz and glam of a red carpet where Hollywood stars are passing by all the time for the rubble of an earthquake zone.

Rob Taylor, a cameraman, had the exact same experience, living for a day in each of those two very different worlds.

The 25-year-old was interviewing famous people at the Baftas on Sunday night, and by the end of Monday, he was in Turkey covering the devastating earthquakes.

He tells Newsbeat that the perspective he has gained is "very interesting.".

"Seeing people who are unable to enter their homes or who no longer possess their homes makes you realize that despite having access to all these amazing award ceremonies that are extremely extravagant, the reality in Turkey is completely different.

It somewhat opens your eyes to it. " .

Rob, a BBC News reporter, traveled from the Baftas red carpet to Adana, Turkey, where he believed he was covering the earthquake's aftershocks that occurred earlier this month.

But when another significant 6 point 4 tremor quake occurred near the city of Antakya on Monday, close to the Syrian border, he quickly realized he was going to be covering something even more serious.

"I got to my hotel and an hour later there was another earthquake," he claims.

"It's a good thing our hotel was away from the action,' I thought. Everything was trembling in the hotel, which is a fairly modern structure. ".

Rob with Anna Foster
Together with Anna Foster, the BBC's Middle East Correspondent, Rob is covering the earthquakes.

Tens of thousands more were left homeless as a result of the earlier earthquakes, which claimed 44,000 lives in Turkey and Syria.

Buildings that had already been weakened by those tremors later collapsed on Monday when another earthquake struck.

When the earthquake struck, Rob says, "I had to jump into action and within 20 minutes I was alongside my team.".

"Things like this require teamwork. We were reporting on national TV in the following 50 minutes.

"It was such a contrast to the Baftas, where everything follows a strict schedule. ".

Rob with Anna Foster
The length of Rob's stay in Turkey is unknown, he claims.

Rob claims that, like earlier this week, he is currently preparing for the ambiguity and long hours of the upcoming few days.

He explains, "Our responsibility is to be present and ready for any stories that present themselves, and of course we are trying to find stories as the story progresses.".

But I have no idea how the upcoming few days will pan out.

"Let's see what tomorrow has in store. ".

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