In retaliation, Donald Trump accuses author E Jean Carroll of defamation

E Jean Carroll, the author

The writer E Jean Carroll is being sued for defamation by the former US president Donald Trump, who claims she accused him of rape after a jury found that he had sexually abused her.

The civil jury in New York concluded last month that he sexually assaulted and maligned the columnist but did not rape her.

The Tuesday filing by Mr. Trump relates to remarks Ms. Carroll made on CNN the day following that decision.

She responded, "Oh yes he did," when asked if Mr. Trump had committed rape.

Along with a retraction of that remark, unspecified compensation, as well as punitive damages, are all sought in the claim.

Ms. Carroll's attorney claimed that the filing was "nothing more than his latest attempt to delay accountability" for the judgment rendered on May 9.

Ms. Carroll has brought two different lawsuits against the former leader.

One of these cases went to trial last month, and the jury found Mr. Trump responsible for defaming the magazine columnist who claimed that he had sexually assaulted her in a department store in the 1990s when she came forward with her claim in 2019.

Her damages totaled almost $5 million (£3 point 9 million). Mr. Trump is contesting that decision and has requested a new trial.

Only defamation is at issue in the other lawsuit. After Mr. Trump made remarks about her on CNN, debunking her claims and disparaging her, Ms. Carroll changed it.

She is requesting an additional $10 million in damages because of those remarks.

In that lawsuit, Mr. Trump's most recent filing is a counterclaim, and it indicates that the multifaceted legal battle will last for some time.

When asked about the jury's decision that Mr. Trump was not responsible for the rape during an interview with CNN, Ms. Carroll allegedly made "false statements with actual malice and ill will.".

She allegedly replied, "Oh yes he did, oh yes he did" in response to the inquiry.

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