John Goodenough: The oldest Nobel laureate in history passes away at age 100

It's John Goodenough

The lithium-ion battery's development was greatly aided by John Goodenough, the world's oldest Nobel Prize winner, who passed away at the age of 100.   .

According to the University of Texas at Austin, where he was a professor of engineering, he died on Sunday.

President of the University of Texas at Austin Jay Hartzell said, "John's legacy as a brilliant scientist is immeasurable.

Around the world, millions of electric vehicles are powered by lithium-ion batteries.

A "dedicated public servant, a sought-after mentor, and a brilliant yet humble inventor," according to the University of Texas.

At the age of 97, Dr. Goodenough received the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contributions to the development of the lithium-ion battery and other battery-related research.

Dr. Goodenough was an army meteorologist who was born in Germany in 1922 to American parents. He received his undergraduate mathematics degree from Yale University and his doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago.

Irene Wiseman, the spouse of Dr. Goodenough, died in 2016. They were married.

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