La guía de medios de Grecia

On April 10, 2021, a Greek journalist was killed in Athens, according to newspaper headlines read by a woman

According to the US-based NGO Freedom House, defamation is a criminal offense, and political figures have sued journalists. Especially when covering protests, journalists run the risk of physical assault.

According to the media rights organization Reporters Without Borders, press freedom in Greece experienced significant setbacks in 2021 and 2022. Journalists were routinely barred from covering topics like migration and Covid-19.

In April 2021, seasoned crime reporter Giorgos Karaivaz was murdered. Police claimed that the murder displayed characteristics of organized crime. Two men were detained in May 2023. The situation is still open.

The public broadcaster coexists with well-established private networks. During prime time, news, entertainment, comedies, and game shows are the most popular.

Greece's economic crisis has been difficult for the media. Some outlets have reduced their offerings or gone out of business due to declining advertising sales and circulation numbers.

Public radio and television are run by ERA and ERT, respectively.

In 2018, national TV licenses were given to five private TV networks, all of which were already broadcasters. According to officials, it put an end to the industry's protracted free-for-all.

By July 2022, there were 81 million internet users ( The main social media website is Facebook. The preferred media in Greece is television.

  • The daily English-language pages of Ta Nea.
  • English-language daily newspaper Ethnos.
  • Every day, in English, pages to Vima.
  • English-language pages published daily by Kathimerini.
  • Financial daily Naftemporiki, English-language pages.
  • Three national networks are run by ERT, a public company.
  • National, exclusive Epsilon TV.
  • ANT1 - private and national.
  • National, private station Alpha TV.
  • Private, national Star TV.
  • National, independent SKAI TV.
  • ERA Public.
  • Easy 972 -- commercial.
  • One of the first radio stations operated by a local government, Athena 984.
  • SKAI 100.3 is a business network.
  • Commercial network: Sfera 102.2.
  • English-language pages of the national Athens-Macedonian News Agency.
  • NewsIt is a news website.
  • News portal at

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