Media pedoman Palau

the city's commercial hub in the Pacific island nation of Palau

There are no reports of official restrictions on internet access, and the law guarantees free press. The financial struggles of news organizations are common, though.

There are additionally local and global news services available.

Due to exorbitant prices and poor connectivity outside of the major islands, internet access has been hampered. Despite this, more than 100% of the nation's population—18,900 people—were online as of July 2022 (

  • English-language newspaper and website, Island Times, published twice weekly.
  • English-language website for Pacific Note.
  • Weekly publication and website in English called Tia Belau.

The majority of homes have cable TV, which offers both US and foreign channels, but there are no terrestrial over-the-air TV stations based in Palau.

  • Private FM station WWFM with music and speech.
  • KRFM is a private FM station with speech and music.
  • T8AA is a news and speech station that broadcasts in Palauan.

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