Mississippi deputies fired after being accused of abusing two black men

Police car in the US with emergency lights

Five Mississippi deputy sheriffs who were allegedly involved in the assault of two men have either been fired or resigned, according to officials.

Rankin County Sheriff Department officers allegedly broke into a home without a warrant in January, according to Michael Corey Jenkins, 32, and Eddie Terrell Parker, 35.

Following that, they allegedly tased them, attacked them, and shot one of them in the mouth.

The men's attorneys have demanded that the officers be charged.

At a news conference on Wednesday, the five officers' attorneys and relatives said that while the fact that they were no longer employed by the department was a sign of progress, more needed to be done.

According to Mary Jenkins, the mother of Mr. Jenkins, who was shot in the incident, "they treated our children as if they weren't even human.".

"Firing those deputies won't be enough because they'll just transfer to another police department and carry on as before. ".

Deputies involved in the encounter were fired last week as a result of the results of an internal investigation, according to an announcement made by Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey on Tuesday.

The sheriff claimed that the deputies, whose names he withheld, had previously been placed on administrative leave.

"We recognize that the public's trust in our department has diminished as a result of the alleged actions of these deputies. You can be sure that we'll work hard to earn back your trust, Mr. Bailey said.

Following this week's announcement, the Rankin County Sheriff's Office informed the BBC that some of the incident's five deputies had already resigned and the remaining ones had been fired.

The sheriff's department is being investigated by the US Department of Justice for alleged civil rights violations, including the incident involving Mr. Parker and Mr. Jenkins and other violent run-ins with black men.

Six white deputies were involved in the incident, according to Mr. Jenkins' and Mr. Parker's black attorneys. According to them, a sixth officer from a different agency may have been involved.

They have urged the sheriff's office to divulge the names.

In a federal civil rights lawsuit, Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Parker are requesting damages in the amount of $400 million (£316,090,000).

Deputies assert that they conducted a raid on the Braxton, Mississippi, home on January 24 in response to a tip about drug activity there.

According to Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Parker, the deputies allegedly entered the house without a search warrant and after turning off their body cameras.

They claim that over the course of a 90-minute encounter, the deputies subjected them to waterboarding, used stun guns on them, and hurled racist epithets at them.

One of the deputies, according to Mr. Jenkins, also shot him in the face with a gun he had in his mouth.

Deputies allegedly refused to help him, and it was only later that he was taken to the hospital.

According to his attorney, Mr. Parker was taken to the Rankin County Jail where he was charged with possessing drug paraphernalia but the prosecution decided not to press charges.

Court records state that Mr. Jenkins has permanent nerve damage as a result of the incident.

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