Netherlands: A phone ban was announced to prevent disruptions in the classroom

A student is in the campus library doing exam prep

The Dutch government has announced plans to ban devices, including mobile phones, from classrooms to prevent them from interfering with instruction.

The program is being launched in partnership with schools and will go into effect at the beginning of the following year.

There will be a few exceptions, such as those for students with special needs or disabilities and those enrolled in digital skills classes.

Although the ban is not currently enforceable by law, it might be in the future.

Even though they are practically a part of our daily lives, Robbert Dijkgraaf, the Dutch minister of education, declared that cell phones have no place in the classroom.

"Students need to be able to focus there and be given every chance to learn effectively. Research in science has shown that mobile phones interfere with this. ".

Limiting kids' screen time has been linked to better cognition and focus, according to numerous studies.

Tablets and smartwatches are among the other electronic devices covered by the Dutch ban.

According to the government, it will be up to individual schools to decide on the specific rules with teachers, parents, and students, including whether they want to completely ban devices from schools.

The ministry, schools, and related organizations came to an agreement that led to the creation of the program.

At the conclusion of the 2024–2025 academic year, it will be evaluated to determine whether a legal ban is necessary and how well it performed.

The announcement comes after Finland made a comparable choice last week.

Its government declared that it would alter the law to make it simpler to limit cell phone use in classrooms.

Mobile phone bans have also been proposed for other nations, such as England and France, in an effort to enhance education.

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