Officials from Spain resigned because of trains that were built too wide for tunnels

the Renfe train

Due to a botched order for new commuter trains that cost close to €260 million ($275 million; £230 million), two top Spanish transportation officials have resigned.

In the northern regions of Asturias and Cantabria, the trains could not fit into non-standard tunnels.

Isabel Pardo de Vera, the secretary of state for transportation, and Isaas Táboas, the president of Spain's Renfe, have both resigned from their positions. .

Earlier this month, the design error became known. .

The Spanish government claims that the error was discovered in time to prevent financial loss. Cantabria has, however, requested compensation. .

Renfe placed the order for the trains in 2020, but the following year, CAF, the train's manufacturer, discovered that the dimensions it had been given for the trains were incorrect and halted production. .

Northern Spain's rail network was constructed in the 19th century, and it includes tunnels that defy the typical modern tunnel dimensions because they are carved out of the mountainous terrain. .

The error will cause the trains to be delivered in 2026, which is two years later. .

To determine how the error could have occurred, Renfe and infrastructure operator Adif have commissioned a joint investigation. A Renfe manager and Adif's head of track technology were fired earlier this month due to the error by Spain's transport ministry.

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