On a flight from Edinburgh to Paris, a disabled teen's wheelchair was lost

The author is Michael Cloke

Due to the wheelchair's loss on an easyJet flight from Edinburgh to Paris, a teenager is now struggling without it.

When the airline told 17-year-old Michael Cloke they couldn't find it after the flight on Tuesday, he was forced to use wheelchairs at famous Parisian locations.

On the fourth day of their visit, after contacting seven different businesses, his family was finally able to rent a chair.

EasyJet expressed regret and promised to "do everything possible" to find it.

Michael is dependent on the chair due to a heart condition that makes him extremely tired.

The loss of the chair was having a "major impact," according to his mother Gillian, an Edinburgh-based book editor, on the family's trip to France.

The wheelchair, according to her, was checked in as hold luggage at Edinburgh Airport, but it was not released when they landed in France.

Going on vacation with a disabled person requires a lot of preparation, she said. The loss of a vital piece of equipment completely derailed our plans.

michael cloke
Michael is dependent on the chair due to a heart condition that makes him extremely tired.

Because taxis could not bring the family close enough for Michael to walk to the entrance without a chair, Mrs. Cloke described visiting The Louvre as a "complete nightmare.".

She claimed that it was difficult for her to get in touch with easyJet because their automated systems were designed to help travelers who had misplaced luggage rather than those who needed wheelchairs.

"We have done everything we can, including sitting, the river tour, and buses," she continued.

We're trying not to be ungrateful in light of everything else going on here, but it's lovely and sunny and it's Paris. ".

Following the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old boy during a traffic check by police outside of Paris, there have been riots in France for four nights.

EasyJet stated that it was looking into the matter with the airport's special assistance provider, its ground handling partners in Edinburgh and Paris, and other parties.

An official statement read, "We are doing everything we can to try and locate it and fully understand the inconvenience this will have caused them, for which we are very sorry.

"The family told us they were using a temporary wheelchair as a replacement, and we have been in touch with them since Tuesday to make sure Michael is doing well and to see how we can help them more.

"We'll also be making a goodwill gesture to make up for their inconvenience and the time it took to get Michael back with his wheelchair.

. "

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