On the eve of elections, a Nigerian politician named Chinyere Igwe was detained with $500,000 in cash

Dollar notes are piled up

After being discovered in possession of $498,100 (£414,000) in cash the day before general elections, a politician from Nigeria was detained on suspicion of money laundering.

The US currency was discovered by the police inside Chinyere Igwe's vehicle.

Police claim that Mr. Igwe, a House of Representatives opposition PDP member, was also found in possession of a list of recipients for the funds.

Politicians have been charged with buying votes in the past to rig elections.

Nigeria has changed the way its naira currency is designed, in part to make it more difficult for politicians to amass large sums of money to bribe voters.

The fact that not enough of the new notes are in use, however, is what is causing the widespread rage and frustration. Hour-long lines of people waiting to get cash outside of banks have frequently resulted in failure, and some have even attacked banks.

About 40% of Nigerians rely on cash for daily expenses like buying food and other necessities because they do not have bank accounts.

The Rivers State police urged "all candidates and political parties to strictly comply with the Electoral Act and other relevant laws" in a thread on Twitter.

Three candidates are all seen as potential winners in what is expected to be the most competitive elections since the end of military rule in 1999.

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