PM of Australia praises Ashes victory despite Sunak's criticism

Anthony Albanese, the prime minister of Australia, is greeted at Downing Street by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

In the wake of the Jonny Bairstow Ashes controversy, Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has supported his nation's cricket team.

The English batsman left his position in the second test, seemingly believing the over had ended, and Australia went on to win the game.

The UK captain asserted that Australia "broke the spirit of cricket" by taking the contentious wicket, and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak agreed.

However, Mr. Albanese asserted that the nation is "absolutely behind" its team.

The prime minister tweeted, "Same old Aussies - always winning!" in reference to the Australian team's two recent Test victories. He also seemed to be mocking English supporters who chanted "same old Aussies always cheating" after Bairstow was booted off the field.

John Howard, Australia's second-longest-serving Prime Minister, was among the prominent politicians present at the game at Lord's Cricket Ground in London.

The captain of the Australian team, Pat Cummins, has insisted that the Bairstow wicket was legal and fair.

Although Ben Stokes of England concurred that Bairstow was out, Stokes claimed he would not have desired to win a game "in that manner".

During an Ashes Test series, the debate over the Bairstow wicket has intensified the historically ferocious rivalry between Australia and England.

The Australian team players were heckled and yelled at as they passed by the member's club at Lord's on Saturday, and England supporters were criticized for their actions.

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which owns Lord's, apologized and announced that three members had been suspended following complaints from the Australian team.

On Tuesday, additional video showed English spectators taunting and jeering at Australian batsman Usman Khawaja, a Muslim with Pakistani ancestry.

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper published a video of Khawaja responding to the audience and pointing out hecklers to a security guard, reporting that Khawaja had been "repeatedly singled out for abuse" in the space.

Khawaja had earlier claimed that he and David Warner, another teammate who had been singled out, had spoken to spectators after the abuse.

He added that the remarks were "really disappointing" and "disrespectful.".

Members were "quite aggressive and abusive" toward some of our players, according to Australian captain Cummins.

This incident occurs less than a week after a groundbreaking report on British cricket concluded that racism, sexism, classism, and elitism are "widespread" at all levels of the English and Welsh cricket games.

The English team was accused of hypocrisy in game strategy by Australian captain Cummins after the second test, as evidenced by match footage showing Bairstow attempting to stump Australian batters in a similar way two days prior to the incident on the final day.

After winning the second test by 43 runs, Australia has a two-nil lead over England in the Ashes series. There are still three tests left.

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