Rioters attack their home, injuring the suburban mayor's wife in the Paris riots

The mayor's home has been damaged

Overnight, attackers in France attempted to set fire to the home of a suburban Paris mayor and fired rockets at the official's wife and children who were evacuating.

The incident has shocked many people and is being investigated as an attempted homicide. Elisabeth Borne, the prime minister, called it intolerable.

Even though Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun wasn't home, his wife's leg was broken, and a kid was also hurt.

After police killed a teenager on Tuesday, there have been violent protests across France.

It is unknown who the suspects are in the incident that occurred in L'Ha-les-Roses, south of Paris.

Mr. Jeanbrun claimed that when the attack on his home took place at 01:30 (23:30 GMT on Saturday), he was in his office managing the situation.

The attackers rammed through the home's gates with a car before igniting the car so that the fire would spread to the house, according to a statement from the mayor.

Then, as his wife Melanie Nowak and their two young children, ages five and seven, attempted to flee, they came under fire from rockets fired from fireworks. Ms. Nowak's leg was broken. Also hurt was one of the kids.

"A murder attempt of unspeakable cowardice," declared Mayor Jeanbrun.

He declared, "A line has been crossed.

"If taking care of my family is now my top priority, my desire to defend and serve the Republic is stronger than ever," he continued.

The mayor, who is a member of the center-right Les Republicains party, has received strong backing from all French political parties.

The office of the public prosecutor has opened a murder attempt investigation.

During the fifth night of violent protests across France in response to the death of Nahel M, 17, who was shot by police at point-blank range during a traffic stop, the attack on Mayor Jeanbrun's residence occurred.

In order to control the protests, about 45,000 police officers were sent to France on Saturday. The interior ministry reported that Saturday night had been more peaceful overall with fewer arrests.

Officials reported that more than 800 fires were started by rioters during the course of the night, and that over 700 people were arrested nationwide.

In response to the riots, Mr. Jeanbrun had earlier urged the French government to declare a state of emergency; however, President Emmanuel Macron has so far refrained from doing so.

Later, the French president is scheduled to discuss the crisis with senior officials.

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